Halloween Cat Contact Lenses

Wild Eyes Prescription Lenses

Cheap need not mean low quality – it’s all actually based on one’s personal judgement. This applies to getting those great wild eyes prescription lenses to spice up that smoking Halloween costume.

While prices may vary depending on the design/color/theme, using ones personal judgement on what kind of wild eyes prescription lenses to get usually does the trick.  Decide if you want to look ethereal, mystical, whimsical or simply scary – For the look that say “goddess” the translucent Temptress type of colored contacts are best.

Just take also into consideration your skin color and eye color so that the lenses will set off your costume nicely.

For the look that says “Avatar” lenses that glow under dark light or Rave contact lenses gives that mythical warrior vibe.

For the look that says “I’ve got a mean sense of humor and don’t let anyone forget it, “contacts with Smiley faces usually send out the message just fine. And finally, for the absolutely ambitious who want to go for that scary look, the one that sends chills up anybody’s spine – blood red vampire contacts, sick yellow werewolf eyes and zombie white out contacts – give that “just raised from the dead” feel. Enough to make you the life of the party, no pun intended.

Well-chosen, cheap wild eyes prescription lenses can give you an expensive, well-planned look for the scariest night of the year. Whether you’re just accompanying your kids around the block trick or treating or attending the biggest Halloween party of the year – it’s your personality that will make you shine.