Useful Tips For Those Who Should Wear Contact Lenses

If you have eye problems, you are most probably faced with a dilemma on what you should use, glasses or contacts. In deciding which to pick, you must first know, who are advised to wear glasses, and who should wear contact lenses?

If you are leaning towards contact lenses, then here are some of the things to make sure that you are among those who should wear contact lenses.

You Can Only Wear Them If You Have Healthy Eyes

Yes, contact lenses are good alternatives to glasses. But you can only wear them if you are sure that you have relatively healthy eyes. By healthy, it means that you produce enough tears, you are not constantly exposed to fumes, you do not have a history of viral infection in your cornea, and you do not have runny eyes.

If according to these certain standards, your eyes are considered unhealthy then opt for the glasses. This is because contact lenses are placed directly in your eyes. So if you have other problems besides poor vision, putting on contact lenses can aggravate those problems.

But if you have extreme vision problems, some eye doctors might recommend that you wear contact lenses since they tend to be better when it comes to really poor eyesight. They could not correct multiple vision problems though.

Wider Field Of Sight

Contact lenses are also the one for you if you want a wider field of sight that you cannot achieve with glasses because of the latter’s frame and rim. Your vision on the size of objects will also be more realistic. And lastly, contact lenses do not fog or blur even if you perspire a lot or if it rains.

Which Type Of Contact Lenses Are Suitable For You

Now that you know some basic facts about who should wear contact lenses, it is also important to know which type of contact lenses are suitable for you. It is best that you consult your optometrist about this. But of course, this will also depend on a lot of factors—your lifestyle, the type of vision correction you need, and the expenses.

There are two major types of lenses you can choose from. These are the rigid/hard lenses and the flexible/soft lenses. In deciding which one to pick from these two, again, you should consult your doctor. And of course, the most decisive factor is the condition of your eyes, as well as the conditions of your environment and your ability to use hard lenses among others. Optometrists also say that hard contact lenses make their users more sensitive to light. This is not the case with soft lenses though.

Daily Wear Or Extended Wear Contact Lenses

Finally, you can also choose from daily wear or extended wear contact lenses. Daily wear contact lenses are those that you wear during the day only. So if you are about to sleep, you have to remove them and store during the night. On the other hand, extended wear contact lenses are those which you can wear from sun up to sun down, or simply, the whole day. Thus, you do not have to worry about the inconvenience of putting them on, taking them off and storing them.