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Special Effects Contact Lenses


Going to a Halloween party requires a lot of preparations. For one, of course, you want to look good. If so, you have to come up with a unique costume. This can be best achieved by dressing up from head to toe, quite literally. For this purpose, special effects contact lenses can be of great help.

Through the use of these contact lenses, you can change your eye color in an instant.

There are a number of types and styles to choose from. For instance, you can go to the party as a vampire and have red bloodshot eyes.

Other popular colors of contact lenses that you can opt to use are pure white, reptile eyes or even rainbow colored ones.

Types of Contact Lenses

As for the types of contact lenses available out there, you have lots of options to choose from in order to achieve your Halloween-inspired look.

One of them would be the hand-painted special effects contact lenses. These are customized contact lenses that are specifically crafted and hand painted by artists themselves to suit your taste. Hence, they are really unique.

Hand-painted lenses

Hand-painted lenses are made from the softest plastic used in making contact lenses. Another added bonus here is that not only do you have the option of buying these lenses as standard ones that will alter the color of your eyes; you can also buy them with prescriptions to correct your vision while changing the color of your eyes as well.

Lenses with Enhancement and Color Tints

Besides hand-painted lenses, there are also other types of contacts that are non-prescription. Of course there are the common plain, colored contacts which can enhance or completely alter the color of your eyes. If you simply want to enhance the natural color of your eyes, you can go for the lenses with enhancement tints. This is especially recommended if your eyes are light colored and you want to make the color more intense. But if you want to change the color of your eyes from green to blue, for instance, you can use the lenses with color tints.

Theatrical Contact Lenses

There are also contact lenses created specifically for use in theatre, movies or even for special events. They are referred to as special effects lenses and are made with opaque color tints which can definitely alter your eyes to make them look similar to the eyes of animals or aliens, or even vampires if you desire. These are the more extreme variation of the average colored lenses.

Novelty Contact Lenses

Lastly, there are novelty contacts. These are the special effects contact lenses perfect for the Halloween season. You can make your eyes appear like those of animals like cats or lions. Or you can choose simple, all-white contacts for the ghastly look. There are also novelty contacts with patterns. For instance, there are swirl-patterned contacts and X-patterned contacts. Or if you want to sport the Goth look, you can choose from an array of available colors and designs for that look. You can enhance your costume by using these specifically-designed lenses. They are actually popular especially during the Halloween.