Mirrored Eye Contact Lenses

Are you ready for Halloween? Well, you cannot be without the wonderful mirrored eye contact lenses. More often than not this would be missing piece to make that Halloween costume perfect. Fortunately, there’s such a wide range of designs to choose from and as such, you wouldn’t find yourself running out of ideas and options.

Crazy colored contact lenses are non-prescription and depending on their budget and needs, one can even choose between a hand-painted or custom color contacts – in case the one available doesn’t seem to be one’s color. This can be done so that the wearer is assured of getting the perfect fit and that it’s going to be comfortable, especially for those who will be wearing it the first time.

For those who avail of mirrored eye contact lenses, the pupil and iris size are required when a pair is ordered and this information can be obtained from one’s eye doctor and can cost anywhere between $35 for the regular lens to $120 for the toric contact lens and the prices are per pair. Crazy colored contact lenses that are custom-made or hand-painted are made from white lens so that it can take the darkest of colors or design.  But best of all, the wearer can be sure that no one else has the same pair. They can come in anywhere from the regular contact lens colors to the craziest and wildest designs for whatever occasion one needs them for.

So the next time you plan for your Halloween costume and matching mirrored eye contact lenses, think unique and check online or the nearest optical shop near you for a pair of hand-painted or custom-made lenses that’s perfect just for you.