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How Safe Are Contact Lenses And What You Should Look For When Buying Them

Having problems with your eyesight is one thing. Choosing the proper corrective measure for them is another. Most of the time, you are torn between two choice for your vision correction—glasses or contact lenses. If at this point, you are already leaning towards using contact lenses, one of the most important questions in your mind may be, how safe are contact lenses?

To answer your question, contact lenses are relatively safe, especially if they are prescribed by your doctor. So the first thing you must do to determine how safe are contact lenses is to consult your optometrist. He or she will also tell you what type of contact lenses are suitable for your vision problem and lifestyle requirements.

You, yourself, can find ways on how to make your contact lenses safe for use.

Yearly Exams To Check Your Vision

First, yearly exams to check your vision are very important. It will check up on the general health of your eye. Some people do not need contact lenses after some time. But there are also cases when you cannot use contact lenses anymore because of the condition of your eyes. Thus, a regular check up will prevent you from aggravating your situation or unnecessarily using contact lenses. A regular exam will also give you prescriptions, if necessary. This will help you in buying contact lenses since a prescription is required in doing so.

Contact Lenses Are Just Temporary

You must also bear in mind that contact lenses are just temporary. You will have to throw them away after a day, two weeks or a month. This is because your eyes deposit protein on your contact lenses every time you wear them. Thus, there will come a time that your contact lenses will not be able to provide you a clear vision because of the protein build up. They can also irritate your eye at that point.

Important Tips

Here are other tips that you may find useful in keeping your contact lenses safe to use:

  1. First, you must practice proper hygiene. Make sure that your have washed, rinsed and dried your hands before touching your contacts.
  2. Second, do not use your contact lenses if you are going swimming or bathing in a hot tub.
  3. Third, if you are not using extended wear contact lenses, you will have to remove your contacts before your sleep then store them properly.
  4. Fourth, you should also be cautious in using lens solutions. As much as possible, use lens solutions that are commercially prepared, sterile, and specifically made for your type of contact lenses. Discoloration of the solution could also be a sign that it is already expired or contaminated.
  5. And fifth, follow the instructions of your eye care specialist or optometrist.

Finally, if your question on how safe are contact lenses has already been answered and you want to make a purchase at this point, here are a few reminders of what you should look for:

One is convenience. Go for stores or companies where customer service is always available. They should also cover damages when your contact lenses are being shipped. Insurance coverage is also another consideration. Ask about the company’s or store’s policy on this before fitting contact lenses. Finally, look into the price. You may be unnecessarily buying expensive lenses when you can still find cheaper ones. There are sales and discounts available. Make the most out of them.