Costume Contacts

Costume Contact Lenses

Costume contact lenses come in all shapes and sizes – so one can be kind of hard pressed to pick the best one – from budget contacts to all-time favorites, you need to plan your Halloween costume at least two months before the actual holiday.

Not to mention you have to decide the look you’re going for – Anime? Sexy? Fun?…there’s a whole plethora of choices that caters to every kind of taste.

Costume contact lenses used to be available only for use in movies, particularly horror movies where the character needs to transform into a pseudo-being…what’s a werewolf without the trademark yellow eyes?

“No Halloween costume in fact, is complete without costume contact lenses”

The vegetarian vampire without the golden amber eyes? Today, costume contact lenses are available everywhere, even in your corner drugstore. Its purpose of complimenting every type of theatrical costume, Halloween costumes in particular makes it a very popular choice of enhancement.

No Halloween costume in fact, is complete without costume contact lenses, like how can a Cat Woman costume be without the infamous black and shiny cat suit and matching yellow cat’s eyes? Or Medusa without her green, reptilian eyes? How about the celestial angel without her golden, glowing eyes? Up and coming too would be the scleral contacts – large diameter lenses that cover almost or all of your eyes for a singularly spectacular effect. Brace yourself for the price though – a pair can go for as high as $500.

These popular costume contact lenses are what completes the whole look. They instantly turn anyone into the character they are trying to portray and will make the effort put into planning the costume well worth the time. Planning for Halloween next year? Try the zombie eyes or for a more iconic look, the Darth contacts. May the Force be with you.