Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Cat Eye Contact Lenses


Wear Cat Eye Contact Lenses

What a sight to behold to encounter someone walking along a dark alley with terrifying eyes! One would definitely run away in an instant. This is the exact effect one wants to achieve when they wear cat eye contact lenses.

Cat eye contacts are not something that one can wear everyday; imagine how the people they’d meet on the streets would react. This type of contact lenses is part of the designer contact lenses; some would also call it Halloween contact lenses since these lenses are usually worn to Halloween and costume parties.

For a Powerful Effect

Cat’s eyes have different colors; it is but natural that cat eye contact lenses are also available in a variety of interesting colors. Though these lenses are staples of costume parties and Halloween parties, it doesn’t mean these can’t be worn anywhere else. One might want to turn an ordinary girl’s night out into extraordinary and exciting. One will never know how much attention she will get on the dance floor.

Movies and television shows make use of these contact lenses to add a realistic feel for horror or suspense scenes. Even rock stars wear this type of contacts for a more powerful effect.

Like conventional prescription contact lenses, one will need to consult an eye doctor before purchasing this type of novelty lenses. While it can make someone look like Cat Woman, it is still important to still care for the eyes. An ill fitting pair of contact lenses will prove to be uncomfortable for any wearer. Proper care should also be done on these lenses.

Bringing out one’s wild side is really easy and even more dramatic with cat eye contact lenses.

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