Black Contact Lenses

Black Contact Lenses


Pitch Black Eyes

Attending a costume party? How about a Halloween party? Or wanting to wow everybody on the dance floor? A pair of black contact lenses can be worn to all these! People definitely can’t ignore somebody’s pitch black eyes staring back at them! It can be eerie! It can be mysterious!

Black lenses fall under the cosmetic lenses category. A lot of people wear cosmetic contact lenses just to alter the color of their eyes. These people do not necessarily need prescription lenses because they have 20:20 vision. They simply want to be seen with an eye color different from their natural eye color. For people who would like to wear cosmetic lenses everyday, it is wiser to get lenses that will conform with their contact lens prescription.

The Most Popular Black Contact Lenses

Probably the most popular variety of black contact lenses are the black sclera lenses design. These lenses are completely black, with only a single pinpoint of white. The pitch black effect is made popular by Hollywood movies – science fiction, vampire movies, and other horror movies. The popularity of the Twilight movies created a whole new interest on such cosmetic contact lenses. Wearing a pair of black sclera design contact lenses will definitely set the wearer apart from the crowd!

These contact lenses are available with prescription and without prescription. While non-prescription lenses are becoming quite a fad that even a gas station or supermarkets sell them, it is still wiser to purchase from a reputable dealer.  The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of a person’s body that is why it is necessary to take care of them.

For those people who wear black contact lenses, they give off a feeling of mystery and would make people curious. People are so used to makeovers and to see someone change the color of their eyes is certainly attention-worthy.

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