Halloween Contacts Buying Guide

“When you decide to buy scary Halloween contacts, make sure to find the best special effect contact lenses for this event. Halloween is the perfect holiday to change our looks and do something completely out of the scope.”


Most Popular Halloween Contact Lenses

Angelic Blue Contact Lenses Rave Blue Contact Lenses black-out
Angelic Blue Rave Yellow Black Out
Creepers Contact Lenses Manson Contact Lenses Red Vampire Contact Lenses
Creepers Manson Red Vampire


Spook Someone To The Bones

One pair of extra scary fx costume contact lenses can cause your neighbor a heart attack while you trick or treat him.  There are no ghost costumes out there money can buy that could on a scale of horror match one single pair of vampire contact lenses.  These things are so realistic and manufacturers who sell them simply know how addictive they are. I get scared every time I look myself into the mirror wearing one of those.

So if you want to spook someone to the bones, these special effects theatrical contacts for will do the job guaranteed. Perhaps you can find a pair of fx lenses for sale on ebay. But I would not recommend buying anything that has been used by someone else (in terms of lenses) on any auction site out there.

Pitch black mirrored contact lenses – Vin Diesel contact lens


They are the number one on the scale of scary contacts. Pitch black mirrored contact lenses became famous with Vin Diesel in the Pitch Black Hollywood movie. Those mirrored contacts will simply make you a living dead. They are perfect ghost contacts. You will look like your eyes have died years ago and something extremely evil hid behind them! There is no modern Hollywood Vampire movie made without at least one appearance of an actor wearing black mirrored contact lenses. They give you that creepy looks of one very dead zombie who started to rotten from within. You will get a realistic poltergeist looks to scare the hell out of people, not just on holidays dedicated to ghosts and undead zombies. Vin Diesel was phenomenal in Pitch Black. Not surprising that pitch black contact lenses sales skyrocketed even before the Pitch Black movie official start. Those really are exciting and cool lenses.

Twilight contact lenses – Vampire contacts

scary-halloween-contactsEdward Cullen Twilight contacts will give you looks of a blood thirsty vampire holding back not to feast on Bella Swan. Well, how could he, he has no vampire fangs. If you come across a vampire feared person (kids especially) wearing a pair of these Twilight movie contact lenses, may actually get you sued for disturbing your environment. Twilight contacts would be great to have. They look really sick, don’t they? Vampire contacts are one of most popular eye contacts – really wild and extremely exotic. People will think you came directly from hell or you caught some kind of deadly disease like Ebola, causing your eyes to bleed or just simply darken in a mysterious way. When ¸buying vampire contact lenses a touch of a red paint on corners of the eyes will do wonders to your costume. Let in the real horror. Once you own one of those, there is no way you are going to sell them anytime soon.

Make it look like the blood is already dripping out of your eyes. These make twilight contacts among the coolest contacts ever. The legendary Halloween movie character Michael Myers is nothing compared to the Twilight fx lenses. Even as we speak, these lenses reach high prices on different online and offline auctions US wide. The demand is high and sales are rising like nuts.

Theatrical white contact lenses

The ultimate special effect color contacts that turn you into a creature of another dimension. No one on earth has pure white eyes, but you could buy one right now.  People are just not able to resist staring in full eye white out contact lenses. There is something magically attractive as well frightful about them. When you search to buy scary colored contacts, the scariest of them all are usually single color full eye contacts. There are many shops willing to sell them for cheap. As strange it may seem, when talking about color contact lenses to scare people, single color tinted contact lenses do the best job. They are so convincing you need no costume for holidays, a pair of white out contacts outperforms the most terrifying costumes out there.

Buying terrifying cat eye contact lenses

There is really no better way to enhance your animal costume with an original pair of cat eye costume contacts. Regardless if you have dark eyes, these particular pair of color contacts will turn you into a real beast. And they are as useful for aggressive Halloween looks as they are for fantasy creatures or cats like tigers as well as for gentle cats. They are sure to bring your costume on a completely new level of frightfulness and uniqueness. Once you get used on them, you’ll love them.


Beautiful woman with blue contact lenses covering her face Cheap Halloween contact lenses

On the look for cheap Halloween contacts there are three things you should not ignore: According to FDA all contact lenses are considered a medical device. So you have to have a written consent of your doctor to be able to legally buy and wear one.

Most vampire contact lens shops will get you a doctor’s consent without you having to bother with it at all. It is your only guarantee not to lose your eyes due to dangerous Taiwan contacts!
I personally favor the pitch black mirrored contact lenses and that gentle ghostly vampire touch of Twilight contacts. I bought them last year for Halloween. You would not believe the fear they caused in my local community.

When you decide to buy scary Halloween contacts lenses, you will for sure have much fun on your journey to your perfect special effect contact lenses.